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Prolozone® Joint Treatment

If you suffer from any type of joint pain, from your ankles, knees, hips, back, shoulders, or neck, you should consider Prolozone®.

What Is Prolozone?

Prolozone is a treatment that injects ozone and nutrients into your joints to speed healing. Ozone is a naturally occurring gas composed of three oxygen atoms. As you may know, oxygen atoms like to travel in pairs. (That’s why regular oxygen is written as O2, while ozone is written as O3.)

The extra oxygen atom makes it more reactive than regular oxygen. Simply put, it wants to get rid of that extra oxygen atom. When it does, it effectively oxygenates the area. With more oxygen, the cells are able to produce more ATP and create more energy. And with more energy being produced, your body is able to work harder to lay down more collagen and cartilage, thus restoring the health of the joint.

Obviously, injections can be painful. That’s why we first inject Novocain into the joint. Then, while the syringe needle is still in, we switch syringes and add a nutrient solution, which includes vitamin B12, hyaluronic acid, and a pain remedy called Traumeel. Finally, we unscrew that syringe and attach the tube containing the ozone. The whole treatment takes about three minutes. And the results are nothing short of miraculous.

If you’re interested in giving Prolozone a try, please call Real Health Medical Clinic at 678-990-5401 to set up an appointment or fill out a contact form (please make sure you mention Prolozone in the Message field).