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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

Boosting Your Immune System by Flooding Your Body With Oxygen

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is a powerful therapy that fuels the body with oxygen at a cellular level. Oxygen is the most essential of all life elements and cells in the body thrive on it. When cells are saturated with this element inside the hyperbaric chamber, it powers the cells to perform at their optimal level.

HBOT is approved by the FDA for a variety of conditions. These include osteomyelitis (bone infection), poorly healing wounds, decompression sickness (bends), burns, and carbon monoxide poisoning. In fact, one of the best trauma hospitals in the country, Grady Hospital in Atlanta, uses HBOT in its burn unit.

However, oxygen therapy can be helpful for a variety of additional health conditions (including cancer treatment), as well as for preventive strategies.

For cancer, HBOT is very effective for one important reason: medical research has discovered that cancer cells tend to develop or thrive in a low oxygen environment – in other words “cancer hates oxygen.” Normal cells love oxygen – they thrive on oxygen.

One study in the journal Nature found that normalizing the oxygen supply in tumors may inhibit the progression of cancer. The researchers used animal models to see whether targeting tumor oxygen supply impact cancer progression. They found that it does indeed inhibit cancer from growing. Therefore, increasing the level of oxygen in your body will improve your overall metabolism and immune function, and decrease the growth of cancer.

Using HBOT to support your metabolism and immune system is very simple. All that is required is lying comfortably in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber. This chamber looks like a tube made out of thick fabric. The fabric allows air to pressurize within the tube at approximately 4 lbs. of pressure per square inch of skin. This effectively forces the life-enhancing oxygen deep into the layers of your tissues and organs. Over the one hour treatment period, the oxygen levels are greatly increased throughout all tissues and cells in the body.

Increased oxygen levels great enhance metabolic and immune function, improve healing and the body’s ability to resist or control cancer.

Real Health Medical Clinic in Roswell, GA uses HBOT as part of its cancer support program to help the body heal itself and thwart the progression of the tumor.

If you have cancer, the earlier you contact Real Health Medical, the faster we’ll be able to enhance your immune system to effectively fight the tumor. We proudly serve the Atlanta area and beyond. 

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