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High Dose Vitamin C

Most people think of vitamin C as a good cold remedy and overall immune system booster. They typically don’t think of vitamin C as an incredibly powerful cancer fighter. But it is. The only reason more oncologists don’t use vitamin C is because of some studies suggesting it doesn’t work. However, all of these studies were done with vitamin C taken orally. When taken orally, it has to go through the digestive tract. There, the vitamin can cause digestive problems, such as diarrhea, when you take too

However, when administered intravenously (IV), doctors can give vitamin C in much higher doses. This creates blood levels of vitamin C that are 100-500 times higher than they can give orally. What’s more, the IV administration doesn’t cause any digestive distress and has no negative side effects. This super-high concentration in the blood is crucial to vitamin C’s ability to attack cancer cells.

High dose vitamin C for cancer is extremely effective. University of Iowa redox biology expert Garry Buettner found that extremely high levels of vitamin C will selectively kill cancer cells. However, these high levels will not harm normal cells. As a result, physicians at UI Hospitals and Clinics are now testing high dose vitamin C for cancer in clinical trials for pancreatic cancer and lung cancer. They are using the high dose vitamin C for cancer along with standard chemotherapy or radiation. They are finding that the treatment is safe, well-tolerated, and improves patient outcomes.

Buettner and his colleagues have homed in on the biological details of how high-dose vitamin C kills cancer cells. They found that the high doses of vitamin C given intravenously break down very easily. When the vitamin moves into the bloodstream, it generates hydrogen peroxide. This reactive oxygen species can damage tissue and DNA. However, most human cells can remove hydrogen peroxide without incurring any damage. Can cells, though, are much less capable of removing the damaging hydrogen peroxide than normal cells.

As a result, IV high dose vitamin C for cancer is fast becoming one of the safest, most powerful ways to treat cancer. It can be used alongside chemotherapy and radiation. In fact, it may help the patient experience fewer side effects from these treatments, and have better outcomes. When used in conjunction with low dose chemotherapy and other natural treatments, the outcomes are often even better.

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