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Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy

Feel GOOD, look YOUNGER. Maintaining a youthful hormone balance is key to feeling well and enjoying life. Your hormones work like an orchestra. One hormone can’t be out of balance without affecting the others. That’s why natural methods like bio-identical hormone therapy can work wonders.

​A few symptoms of hormone imbalance for women:

  • PMS & perimenopause symptoms (hot flashes, night sweats)
  • weepiness
  • insomnia, fatigue, irritability
  • anxiety or depression
  • brain fog
  • weight gain
  • cyclical headaches
  • female problems (PCOS, fibroids and endometriosis, painful or lumpy breasts)
  • heavy bleeding
  • gallbladder problems
  • diminished tolerance for exercise
  • reduced muscle tone
  • dry or aging skin

​A few symptoms of hormone imbalance for men:

  • low energy
  • poor sleep
  • irritability, lack of patience
  • weight gain in the mid-section
  • reduced muscle tone
  • diminished tolerance for exercise
  • reduced productivity
  • prostate problems
  • lower sex drive
  • less than optimal serum testosterone

​At Real Health Medical, we have expertise with all methods of natural, bio-identical hormone therapy. We offer a refreshing “whole person” approach to resolving hormone imbalance so you can enjoy a healthy, active life.

Don’t suffer any longer, get your hormones back into balance!