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Addiction Treatment

Addictive prescription medications and recreational drugs do alter brain chemistry and can cause lasting damage. This results in or worsens neurological and psychological conditions such as emotional emptiness, cravings, withdrawal symptoms, difficulty in thinking and memory, fatigue, anxiety, depression, and insomnia. And these can remain problems even after the medications and drugs are no longer used.

The Brain Recovery Protocol incorporates amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to correct nutritional deficiencies, balance brain chemistry (neurotransmitters), detoxify the chemical residues of drugs. It specifically supports the healing of the areas of the brain damaged by exposure to these agents.

The Brain Recovery Protocol consists of IV therapy over 5-10 days, oral nutritional supplementation, and, if needed, techniques that enable a person to identify and reverse the effects of stress on brain chemistry.

The IV therapy allows for the continuous delivery of relatively high amounts of nutrients in order to “bathe” the altered and damaged nervous system in the nutrients needed to stimulate or promote this healing process.

Specific formulas are determined based on each patient’s history. Patients who are currently using addictive medications or recreational drugs will require 10-12 days of treatment. Whereas patients who are not currently requiring medications or using recreational drugs, but struggle with cravings or suffer from the damaging effects on the body, will typically need 5 days of treatment.

Patients experience only mild detox and withdrawal symptoms. Natural medications or remedies are used to prevent and control symptoms. Cravings usually resolve in 1-3 days.

By the end of the treatment period, most patients notice calmness, mental clarity, improved sleep and energy, and elimination of depression and anxiety.

The maintenance part of the protocol will maintain this state of well-being, promote continued healing over months, and prevent recurrence of cravings. It consists of oral nutritional supplements and IV boosters every month for 4 months.*

Patients who are truly ready to be free of addictive medications and drugs and who complete the program will succeed at healing the brain. They will actually experience a sense of well-being and energy – cravings will be eliminated, and anxiety, depression, and insomnia will be resolved or greatly improved. The Brain Recovery Protocol can help you get your life back and be drug free.

For more information and to set up an appointment to begin your road to recovery, please call 678-990-5401 or fill out and submit the form below (be sure to mention our addiction treatment in the Message field).

* Real Health Medical Clinic also recommends ongoing counseling to make sure any patterns that led to the addiction are not repeated. We can recommend counselors trained in addressing addiction issues.