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You Can Experience Significant and Permanent Relief From Joint Pain Without Surgery, Pain Pills, or Cortisone Shots.

Here’s How….

If you can’t sleep at night, play with your kids or grandkids, or enjoy the activities you love to do because of chronic joint pain, you may think surgery or addictive pain pills are your only options.

But there are better therapies that can completely restore your joints to health. These include:

  • Laser Therapy
  • PRP Therapy
  • Prolozone Therapy
  • Stem Cell Therapy

These options are so effective, some people experience pain relief after just one treatment. What’s more, these treatments don’t require any addictive substances or major surgery.

And most people are able to regain full function of their joints and jump back into the activities that make life fun and fulfilling!

At Real Health Medical, we have expertise in a variety of alternative treatment methods that not only resolve chronic pain but also trigger the body’s natural healing capacity. May people have challenges in effectively treating ongoing pain in areas like the back, knees, shoulders and neck. Our aim isn’t merely the reduction of symptoms; but to also heal the underlying cause(s) of pain. The treatments described below can be done alone or as part of a more comprehensive functional care and wellness plan. And we can help you determine which treatments are best for you.

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Laser Therapy

​The cold laser device has FDA approval for the non-surgical treatment of neck and shoulder complaints and is being used widely in the NFL and by the USPS tour de France team chiropractor.

​How does it work?

​When the body has an injury, the cells are damaged and fail to function within normal parameters. Low level lasers penetrate deeply into the skin and work by restoring this abnormal cellular function. Physiologic effects include improved metabolism, circulation and tissue healing.

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Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Injection Therapy

​Super-concentrated platelets help accelerate healing of injured tissues. Packed with growth and healing factors, platelet injections initiate repair and attract the critical assistance of stem cells.

​PRP treatment begins with a blood draw from the patient. Next, the blood is spun to separate platelets from the other blood cells. The process creates a solution of concentrated platelets and growth factors that is injected into the injured area to promote healing.

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Prolozone Injection Therapy

​Prolozone is an injection therapy that utilizes nutrition and homeopathic solutions along with highly energized oxygen, ozone, to heal and restore joint function. Prolozone is employed for all forms of musculoskeletal and joint dysfunction including neck and back pain, rotator cuff injuries, degenerative hip and knee pain, degenerated spinal discs, along with shoulder, elbow, wrist and ankle pain. It is also excellent for soft tissue injuries.

Unlike pure steroid injections, prolozone helps the mitochondria of cells to “turn on”, thus, it can induce healing of the injured or damaged tissue rather than simply masking pain. Because it corrects the pathology of the disorder, there is a high chance that the chronic pain sufferer will become pain free.

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Stem Cells – Powerful and Scientific Treatment

Stem cells are cells that we call undifferentiated or unspecialized. That means they are not skin cells, liver cells, kidney cells, or any other specific type of cell. They are capable of stimulating the replacement of older or injured cells with new cells. Stem cells promote healing.

Umbilical cord stem cells are exciting. Their application has been growing for over 15 years. These umbilical stem cells have the ability to produce growth and signaling factors that turn on existing stem cells in the tissues of the body. This repairs injured or aging tissue. Nearly every tissue in the body can be improved with stem cell therapy, leading to improved or restored function.

We use stem cell that that come from the umbilical cord after a normal healthy delivery. These stem cells are young and vibrant, so they are powerful.

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At Real Health Medical, with three convenient locations in the Atlanta area, we have the expertise required to evaluate your unique situation and provide the best recommendations for the care that will help you to achieve your specific goals. The treatments described above can be done alone or as part of a more comprehensive care plan. Please call us today (678-990-5401) or fill out the form below and set up a FREE consultation to see how we can help you find the pain relief you want.

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