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There are blood tests that can help you keep a gauge on what is happening inside your body, before any lump or bump is found. In our Roswell, GA office we provide several preventative marker tests and

  1. Oncoblot Test

This is a blood test that measures the presence of the Enox 2 protein that only malignant cancer cells produce. No other cells in the body produce this type of protein, therefore, if the test determines the presence of the protein, you are producing cancer cells.

The ONCOblot® Test has been shown to detect cancer as early as Stage 0. The limit of detection is an estimated 2 million cells (2 mm or less tumor mass, roughly the size of a pinhead) compared to several billion cells for a positive mammogram.

  1. Greece Test

The laboratory from Greece called RGCC has developed a revolutionary test that is changing our perception of cancer as well as the ways we can defeat it.   RGCC is a genetic research laboratory that has developed a patented membrane that is able to capture malignant cells from your own blood. It is capable of capturing one malignant cell out of trillions of normal blood cells. It is so specific it can actually give a count of malignant cells captured per milliliter of blood that is sent to Greece.

Once the scientist have captured the malignant cells on the membrane they are able to grow or culture the cells outside of your body on cell culture dishes. Next, over six days they test the cultures with all the modern chemotherapy agents, over 70 natural agents, as well as the genetic expression of the cancer itself. At the end of the six days of testing all of these agents, the scientist give a percentage of kill rate or percentage of decrease of the malignant cells in the cell culture dishes.

The gene expression part of the test allows us to really look at how the malignant cells want to grow, multiply, develop new blood vessels, grow in other places (metastasis), what feeds it and what inhibits it. This information allows your oncologist or practitioners specific insight on which therapy may work best for you. It allows oncologist to be specific with their chemotherapy treatments and also allows you and other practitioners to know what may be the best natural approach to cancer therapy as well.

  1. Cancer Profile

Cancer cells produce hormones that can be measured with sensitive technology. HCG is a broad spectrum tumor marker that is elevated about 80% of the time in all malignancies, regardless of where it is located. PHI is an enzyme that is one of the main causes of malignancy and cancer cell migration. It actually channels cells into low oxygen states and fermentation. It is an excellent marker for existing cancers.

Why haven’t I heard of these tests?

If these tests are so powerful and helpful in early detection, why are they not offered by your traditional doctors?

Without getting into the politics of the multi-billion dollar cancer industry, conventional medicine is not real prevention and real early detection. They would not know what to do with these kinds of lab results, since their approach is to affect visible tumors by cutting them out, radiating them and then eventually trying to poison them.


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