Turn Back the Clock on Joint, Brain, and Skin Health

Wouldn’t it be great to experience joints that moved as well as they did when we were young? What if there was a way to help our brain function as well as it did when we were in our 20s? Or maybe we want to see our skin look as tight and flexible as it did 30 years ago. Think all of this is impossible?

Well, not only is it possible, it’s happening every day at Real Health Medical Clinic thanks to one incredible treatment….

This amazing treatment is helping children with autism and adults with other brain impairments experience fantastic changes in their ability to think clearly. It’s helping others regrow hair. And still others are seeing big changes in the health of their skin and joints.

Take Ann, for instance. She’s a beautiful 30-year-old with significant neurological issues. With brain issues, we can’t use injections, like we do with joints. Instead, we administer the stem cells through an IV. This loads the body up and allows the body to heal itself. We gave Ann (not her real name) one IV of stem cells and it completely fixed her neurological issues. She called the clinic the next day excited and feeling better than she had in years.

Now, this doesn’t happen for everyone. One Parkinson’s disease patient took three stem cell IVs before he began to see significant changes in his illness. One study found that stem cells are so effective for Parkinson’s disease that most of these patients can stop their L-dopa therapy. We’re also seeing patients with Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS) improve with stem cell IVs.

Most of our patients don’t have Parkinson’s or ALS, but many of them do suffer from joint pain. This is one of the revolutionary areas of joint pain medicine that’s changing how we treat arthritis and other joint issues. In many cases, it’s possible to rebuild cartilage and other function parts of the joint and completely resolve any joint pain the patient has. We’re seeing people who are joint replacement candidates put off and even avoid surgery completely.

This is big news, because surgery isn’t always successful. One study evaluated treatment for meniscus tears (the meniscus is the thin fibrous cartilage between the surfaces of some joints). The study found that conventional arthroscopic surgery to cut away the damaged portion did no better in the long run than doing nothing at all. But stem cells can greatly improve and usually heal most cases of meniscus tears.

Now, you might be thinking that stem cells are controversial because they’re harvested after an abortion. But the stem cells we use are NOT harvested from aborted babies. Instead, we use another type of stem cell that avoids this controversy and is every bit as effective. These stem cells come from the umbilical cord after a normal healthy delivery.

Umbilical cord stem cells are exciting. Stem cells have the ability to produce growth factors and turn on existing stem cells in tissues. This repairs injured or aging tissue. Degenerated joints can be repaired – resolving pain and restoring function.

Stem cell injections are minimally invasive and they’re often helpful. There are minimal side effects.

You may experience swelling and pain for few days to a week. But there’s no risk of surgery, anesthesia, or metals. Rehabilitation will usually be much easier and faster. And, most importantly, you keep your joint.

If you have severe joint damage and want to avoid surgery, please contact the Real Health Medical Clinic at 678-990-5401 to set up a consultation and see if it’s right for you.



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