10 Signs You Don’t Have the Hormone Advantage

Individuals with ideal hormone balance clearly have a BIG advantage over those who don’t.  And many don’t realize that they have low hormones.

Below we list 10 signs of less than optimal hormone balance so that you might realize what you’re missing.

We want you to live with the advantage of optimal hormone balance. Otherwise, life isn’t fair because you can’t be the best version of you when your hormones are off!

Don’t accept symptoms as normal effects of aging without measuring your hormones!

Think This Isn’t for You because Your Labs Are Normal?

You may not even be concerned with hormones because your doctor has told you that your labs are all normal.    But the lab tests are often inadequate.  Not enough variables are tested to assess your level of health or your hormone balance.

And, consider that the reference ranges on lab reports just represent the average for the population.  We have a pretty sick and tired population.   Do you want to fall in the average range?

You’ve “Tried” Hormones?

If you’ve tried hormones and believe they didn’t work for you, it is likely that your doctor wasn’t a hormone expert.  A “one-size fits all” approach is often used and if you don’t fit that approach, there aren’t alternatives.

A hormone expert has the skills necessary to do the detective work to figure out the best approach for your unique situation.   And if a problem arises, hormone experts know how to solve it.

Worried About Side-Effects?

When the dosage is right for you, there are no side-effects. Only health benefits.

Assuming You’ve Been Checked?

Many say that they assumed that their doctor or gynecologist tested their hormones, but they aren’t 100% sure.   It is very likely your hormones were not tested.

How Good Is Your Doctor’s Blood Analysis?

Testing hormones is often not part of traditional blood work. If hormones are tested, the testing is very inadequate. For example, sometimes only estrogen is tested. Yet, it’s the balance of estrogen, progesterone and testosterone that’s critical.

10 Signs You’re Missing the Hormone Advantage

  1. You’re experiencing female issues:  Hot flashes, night sweats, PMS, fibroids, endometriosis, fertility problems, difficult cycles etc.   It is a crime if you are not working on your estrogen to progesterone balance!
  2. You’re TIRED and think it’s just normal aging.   Hormones keep you ENERGETIC.
  3. SLEEP is elusive.   With hormone therapy, you can sleep like a BABY again.
  4. MEMORY is a thing of the past.   Mental clarity and brain function are greatly influenced by your hormones.
  5. You have WEIGHT loss resistance.  I don’t care what you’re doing to lose weight.   It’s practically impossible to lose without hormone balance.
  6. Your arms are turning into “bat wings.” If you’re a man, you have “man boobs.” Without more youthful levels of testosterone, you lose your ability to tone up. You lose your motivation and stamina for exercise.
  7. That ‘crepey’ skin commercial has caught your attention. Your body and skin age faster with low hormone levels.
  8. Low Libido. Romance is optimized with optimized hormones!
  9. You struggle with anxiety or depression. Again, brain function is greatly influenced by your hormones.   Please do not accept a prescription for an antidepressant if you don’t know if your hormones are balanced.
  10. You and your spouse are beginning to have the SAME SHAPE. You both need HRT!

What Happened to Your Hormones?

Stress is a big factor behind hormone imbalance. Your body will steal from your sex hormones to make more of the critical stress hormone, cortisol.  Stress depletes your sex hormones.

Why Real Health Medical for Hormone Therapy?

The truth is that stress in your hormone system doesn’t occur in isolation from stress in the rest of your body.  There can be other factors stressing your body and affecting your hormone balance.    When you work with our holistic wellness center, we can help you with the reasons your hormones got out of balance in the first place.

Contact Real Health Medical at 678.990.5401 or email info@realhealthmedical.com to schedule a free phone consult with our New Patient Coordinator.

Now is the perfect time to take action and improve your health!

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